Integrated Protein Technologies, Inc. seeks to be the leader in developing and commercializing proteomics solutions that dramatically reduce per analysis cost. Our new instrumentation and methodologies will commoditize the measurement of peptides and intact proteins, enabling broad deployment in areas beyond basic and applied research.  We believe that having precise molecular detail of proteins and peptides is key to our understanding of disease biology.

Combined, Dr.s Kelleher and Compton have over 35 years of experience in Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics and are passionate about enabling the field to have profound impacts on human health and wellness.

Meet the Team

Dr. Philip D. Compton
Dr. Philip D. ComptonCEO
Dr. Philip Compton, has established a strong track record of innovation in the field of proteomics over the past decade. These accomplishments include the development of a new ionization source (commercialized by Thermo Fisher Scientific), the establishment of innovations that underlie the “Protein Mode” present on many Thermo mass spectrometers, the development of an entirely new mass spectrometric approach to the analysis of protein complexes called “native proteomics” and multiple theoretical papers that quantify the challenges of detecting intact protein molecules. He leverages this expertise to provide technical oversight to product development while also integrating and performing business functions. Dr. Compton holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.
Prof. Neil L. Kelleher
Prof. Neil L. KelleherChairman of the Board
After training in high performance mass spectrometry and enzymology of post-translational modifications (PTMs), my independent laboratory over the last 15 years has evolved into three main sub-groups working in the areas of Top Down Proteomics, Natural Products Biosynthesis/Discovery, and Chromatin Biology. The core of the group is built around expertise in technology development for complex mixture analysis using Fourier-Transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) for targeted applications in proteomics and natural products chemistry. My group has a track record of training and mentoring at the intersection of mass spectrometric technology and cell/chemical biology. In technology, we established protein separations, new mass spectrometric hardware, and provided software used by >1000 labs worldwide to harness the value of complex FTMS data with high mass accuracy. Further themes of the Kelleher laboratory include using intact proteins for efficient detection of their post-translational modifications, with specific interests in Gain-of-Function mutants of histone methyltransferases in cancers of the blood. We also seek new molecules from soil bacteria and use MS-based proteomic (PrISM) and genome-enabled metabolomics to find new anti-proliferative molecules from soil bacteria (actinomycetes in particular). We invent powerful new methods to understand how human cells work at the molecular level, and also work in targeted mode on specific proteins (e.g., histones) and biosynthetic systems. Basic metrics to date include: >53 H-factor, >250 publications, 35 Ph.D. students and ~70 postdoctoral trainees.
Dr. Jared J. Drader
Dr. Jared J. DraderCTO
Dr. Drader joins IPT after gaining extensive experience in device commercialization. Jared began his professional career working for Ibis R&D (later purchased by Abbott). As the Director of Mass Spectrometry R&D, Dr. Drader developed an automated ESI-FTICR high throughput drug discovery assay based on structured RNA motifs. He then expanded his resume by leading the development of the mass spectrometry component of the IRIDICA platform that provides a sample-to-answer clinical lab platform focused on clinical sample workflow, cost reduction, and system reliability. He led the MS-Module development, starting from concept to product launch and continued on-market support, troubleshooting and corrective actions. Having developed technologies in the context of a biotech startup company that was eventually acquired, Dr. Drader rounds out the team by providing in depth experience on commercialization of products destined for the medical diagnostic space, as well as a very strong technical background in workflow automation.
Mrs. Sheri Manalili Wheeler
Mrs. Sheri Manalili WheelerSenior Scientist
Mrs. Manalili Wheeler joins IPT as a proven method developer to support sample processing workflows for protein-based analyses. Her previous experience with the development of medical diagnostics applications exposed her to all stages of development ranging from early proof of concept studies to late stage product verification and validation studies. Sheri leverages her expertise in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, assay development, molecular diagnostics, and protein characterization to develop key applications of the SampleStream technology in BioPharma, laboratory developed testing, and potential in vitro diagnostics markets.
Mr. Andrew Sutter, MBA
Mr. Andrew Sutter, MBADirector, Business Operations
Andrew joined IPT in its early stages to develop and grow professional business practices. His diverse experience from the local tech scene to global companies has allowed him to bring a unique understanding of the needs of new ventures. His passionate advocacy for new/small endeavors has been a driving force throughout his career. As a HR Business Partner, he is an evangelist for HR as a strategic collaborator for planned organizational maturation. In addition to holding both PHR and SHRM-CP certifications, he received a B.S. in HR Management & Entrepreneurship from Illinois State University and attained his MBA from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University.